Becoming A Dog

Becoming a Dog is an ongoing project of becoming that started in 1991. Justinas Vilutis describes it as “From one terrain to another, the heart wants what it wants. Video runtime is 189 seconds. You see 52 images, 6 seconds per slide. 1 second for fade in, 1 second for fade out. Voice is provided by Ashley, a computer generated voice software. What remains is forever.”

Justinas Vilutis currently resides in Lausanne, Switzerland, studies at ECAL.

AI never blinks

AI never blinks is a video made entirely by convolutional and generative adversarial neural networks, created using more than half a million images. All of the images seen in the work are completely artificial, the results of optimisation process performed by these networks in order to generalise or learn from a myriad of images of faces. 

The video proposes itself as a test to calibrate the senses, for both human and artificial agents, like a distant and speculative relative of ‘captcha’ software – used to prevent internet ‘bots’ from accessing secure areas of a website. The work proposes an inverted Turing test (the ultimate test for a robot, if it can convince you it is human), the backward gaze of the screen, which uncovers the slowness of human knowledge production.

Miša Skalskis (b. 1994, Vilnius) is a Lithuanian artist, currently based in The Hague and Vilnius. His recent work revolves around exploration of vision without image and hearing without sound. Skalskis explores pattern recognition and its repercussions within the fields of reception or perception and the deployment of such systems and consequent resonances within wider socio-political frameworks. His project investigates various notions of infrastructure to come, from extraneous synthesis of identity, to suggestion based economies.