Work culture

Vilte Fuller

Vilte Fuller is a young generation painter born in Klaipeda, Lithuania now living and working in London. She holds a BA in Painting and Printmaking from The Glasgow School of Art. In her figurative paintings characters, landscapes and motifs are intertwined with nostalgic science fiction imagery and personal experiences from her Eastern European heritage. Currently, her exploration is deeply rooted in her evolving relationship with the concept of work and productivity. 

In her latest exhibition „Corporate Horrors“ at the Brooke Benington gallery, Vilte sheds light on the allure of the corporate lifestyle. The paintings take us back to the workplace of 80s and 90s – the epicentre of life, a promise of a better tomorrow, depending directly on hard work. The artist compares these corporate dreams (or nightmares) with the philosophy of her generation, that „grew up with a narrative that the world is broken and that fixing it will come with real change and sacrifice, it feels like we never got to enjoy the ‘anything is possible’ era“. 

Earlier Vilte’s works contain fragments of her Eastern European heritage, where fairytales don’t always have a happy ending. Feelings of terror and false security are reflected in her paintings, through whose muted tones it is difficult to see a bright tomorrow. Technology and the human form are of the same hue, one day blending into the next. Her paintings lie in the uncanny valley, where Eastern European cultural imagery is entangled with Western cinema, video games, Lithuanian folklore and its horror tales. Her take on it is humorous and curious, as if inviting us to walk together among these nightmarish scenographies, accepting them for what they are.

Produced by The Good Neighbour
Questions: Justė Kostikovaitė
Music by Koloah, from the album “Serenity”
Filmed by Elena Reimerytė
Text by Marija Sinkevičiūtė

Supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture

Partners: UK Lithuanian Youth Association,
the British-Lithuanian Society