Liutauras Pšibilskis On OCDChinatown

Marija Misevičiūtė

Liūtauras Pšibilskis / Liūtas Tauras (born in Vilnius, Lithuania) lives and works in New York City. He has contributed reviews and features to international art journals including Kunstbulletin, Artforum, Flash Art International, Siksi and Nu. Pšibilskis has acted as a Scandinavian Correspondent for Artforum and an Associate Editor of Siksi. His curatorial projects include the Lithuanian Pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennale, with Jonas Mekas which was awarded the Jury’s Special Mention. He developed projects for the Performa Biennial and the Emily Harvey Foundation, New York. Most recently, Pšibilskis curated The World According to Fluxus, at the Lithuanian National Art Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania. Liutauras’ newest project – OCDChinatown, a space under Manhattan bridge in Chinatown, is discussed in this video by Marija Misevičiūtė.

Marija Misevičiūtė is a Lithuanian filmmaker and founder of INLINE artist agency, currently based in New York where she works on multiple film productions, curates art parties/events on boats and spaces like Willem De Kooning Studios New York. Misevičiūtė studied Film Theory and Cultural Analysis at Amsterdam University College where she graduated with a thesis documentary titled ‘The Dream Of Underground Cinema: Amsterdam’ that was screened at OT301 Amsterdam. Previously she collaborated with Cheng Ran on his films ‘Simply Wild’ and ‘Two Pigeos’ that showcased at the Rijksakademie.